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The finale of Ceska Miss 2013 will be held in March 2013

 Road to Ceska Miss 2013

The finale of Ceska Miss 2013 will be held in March 2013. The winner will be crowned Ceska Miss Universe 2013 (voted by viewers). The first runner-up will be crowned Ceska Miss World 2013 (decided by a jury). The second runner-up will be crowned Ceska Miss Earth 2013 (determined by Internet voters).

Tereza Chlebovska, Linda Bartosova and Tereza Fajksová will crown their successors at the end of the event.

Meet the Ceska Miss 2013 semifinalists:

Ceska Miss 2013 semifinalists from Prague casting: Kristýna Schicková, Andrea Kocánková, Zuzana Juračková, Aneta Doubravová, Kristýna Pumprlová, Nikola Mužíková

semifinalists from Plzeň casting: Veronika Půtová, Lucie Vopatová, Eva Holečková

The semifinalists from Karlovy Vary casting: Michaela Výtisková, Kateřina Jankovská, Markéta Strnadová, Michaela Lehutová.
The semifinalists from Karlovy Vary casting: Michaela Výtisková, Kateřina Jankovská, Markéta Strnadová, Michaela Lehutová.

Semifinalists from Ústí nad Labem casting: Petra Neuvirthová, Kateřina Bauerová, Jana Neuhöferová
Semifinalists from Pardubice casting: Dominika Bubelová, Zuzana Chlebnová, Anna Pohlídalová.

Semifinalists from Hradec Králové casting: Lucie Matušková, Miroslava Pikolová, Petra Rozínková, Klára Jožáková

Semifinalists from Brno casting: Anna Šebelová, Lucie Kovandová, Hana Vágnerová, Kateřina Knopová
Semifinalists from Olomouc casting: Markéta Břízová, Kristyna Svobodova, Saskie Olašáková
Semifinalists from Zlín casting: Monika Šarajová, Alena Prešnajderová, Kamila Třetinová
Semifinalists from Ostrava casting: Nela Prášilová, Adéla Tomečková, Tereza Ostárková

Semifinalists from Jihlava casting: Gabriela Kratochvílová, Barbora Schehrerová, Šárka Stiborková, Veronika Šloufová

Semifinalists from České Budějovice casting:Stephanie Sezemská, Denisa Grossmannová, Ingrid Žváčková

Semifinalists from Praha casting: Monika Leová, Anna Avakjanová, Adriana Bezpalcová, Šárka Karnetová

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The finale of Puteri Indonesia 2013 or Miss Universe Indonesia 2013 will be held in Jakarta

Road to Miss Universe 2013:

The finale of Puteri Indonesia 2013 or Miss Universe Indonesia 2013 will be held in Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, Indonesia on February 1st 2013. Initially, the pageant was scheduled to take place in late 2012 since Puteri Indonesia 2011 was held on October 2011. However, the change of date of Miss Universe 2012 to the end of December 2012 made the organizers decide to reschedule the event to February 2013.

Thirty eight contestants from all 33 provinces of Indonesia will be vying for the title of Puteri Indonesia, one of the most prominent beauty pageant titles in the country. Maria Selena, Puteri Indonesia 2011 from Central Java will crown her successor at the end of the event. The winner will represent Indonesia at the Miss Universe 2013 pageant. The runners-up will represent the nation at the 2013 Miss International, Miss Supranational and Miss Asia Pacific International. The event will broadcast live on Indonesian television network, Indosiar. Olivia Culpo, the winner of Miss Universe 2012, will be the special guest during the finale.

Cok Istri Krisnanda Widani
Cok Istri Krisnanda Widani

Friska Juliana Agustius
Friska Juliana Agustius

Surayya Ardillah
Surayya Ardillah

Puteri Indonesia 2013 contestants:
1. Aceh: Sylvia Rosa
2. North Sumatra: Eva Septriani Sianipar
3. West Sumatra: Whulandary
4. Riau: Sorayya Ardillah
5. Riau Islands: Dwiartha Kamandhany Putri
6. Jambi: Amelia Siregar
7. South Sumatra: Marisa Sartika Maladewi
8. Bangka-Belitung Islands: Gina Virginia Rachmadana
9. Bengkulu: Friska Juliana Agustius
10. Lampung: Sisca Indah Pratiwi
11. Jakarta Special Capital Region 1: Nazilah Abdullah
12. Jakarta Special Capital Region 2: Kartika Berliana
13. Jakarta Special Capital Region 3: Nadia Ingrida
14. Jakarta Special Capital Region 4: Karina Febriani
15. Jakarta Special Capital Region 5: Aubry Widdy Asteria
16. Jakarta Special Capital Region 6:
17. Banten:
18. West Java: Ryan Putri Astrini Basyarah
19. Central Java: Rachel Georghea Sentani
20. Yogyakarta Special Region: Florentia Anindita Apsari Isthika
21. East Java: Asri Nofalya Kamalin
22. Bali: Cok Istri Krisnanda Widani
23. West Nusa Tenggara: Baiq Meriystha
24. East Nusa Tenggara: Clarasati Ayu Suhanda
25. West Kalimantan: Ayu Ravianti
26. South Kalimantan: Dewi Chandrawati
27. Central Kalimantan:
28. East Kalimantan: Monalisa Pertiwi
29. Southeast Sulawesi: Endang maharani
30. West Sulawesi: Fenny Santhi Karoma
31. South Sulawesi: Ayu Wahyuni Monalisa Paturusi
32. Central Sulawesi:
33. North Sulawesi: Novia Indriyani Mamuaja
34. Gorontalo:
35. Maluku: Elsa Maureen
36. North Maluku:
37. Papua: Cezia Greatia Pesurnay
38. West Papua: Elvina Wabiser

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More Photos & Profiles of Olivia Culpo, Newly Crowned Miss Universe 2012

Olivia Culpo was crowned Miss Universe 2012 on December 19, 2012 in Las Vegas. She became the eighth beauty of the United States to win the tittle. Other Americans to win the prize include Miriam Stevenson (1954), Carol Morris (1956), Linda Bernent (1960), Sylvia Hitchcock (1967), Shawn Weatherly (1980), Chelsi Smith (1995), and Brook Lee (1997).

Olivia Culpo Profile:

- Country: Rhode Island
- Hometown: Cranston
- Age: 20
- On June 3, 2012, Olivia Culpo was crowned Miss USA 2012 at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 20-year-old cellist of Cranston, Rhode Island became the first titleholder from her state to capture the crown.

- The middle child of five children, Olivia decided to compete for the title of Miss Rhode Island USA on a whim. With determination and a passion for performing on stage, Olivia captured her state title in a $20 “Rent The Runway” dress that was too short and had a tear in the back. Her road to the crown continued in Las Vegas where she wowed the judges in a purple Sherri Hill dress and a poised response to the twitter question regarding transgender contestants.

- Both of Olivia’s parents began their professional lives as musicians and raised her in a musically rich surrounding. She began studying the cello in the second grade and from there participated in the Rhode Island Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, RI Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble, Bay View Orchestra and Rhode Island All-State Orchestra. Olivia also won a seat in the Boston Symphony Hall, Boston; Carnegie Hall, New York City; and a tour of England in 2010. Until recently, Olivia was performing with the Boston Accompanietta.

Olivia, who has called herself a “cellist nerd,” graduated with high honors and a member of the National Honor Society in 2010 from St. Mary Academy Bay View. Throughout high school, Olivia’s love for Italian language gave her the opportunity to take part in two foreign language programs in Milano, Italy. As a sophomore at Boston University, she has been placed on the Dean’s List every semester. Olivia will place her education on hold while performing her duties as Miss USA for the next year.
- An admirer of Audrey Hepburn, Olivia keeps a journal of the actress’s quotes and even resembles the classical beauty. Shortly after being crowned, Olivia serenaded her press conference attendees while singing one of her favorite Audrey Hepburn songs, “Funny Face,” from the 1957 film. The day after her win, she arrived in New York City where she will reside as Miss USA. During her reign, Olivia will serve as a spokesperson for breast and ovarian cancer and will work closely with organizations such as Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Gilda’s Club. She will also work with the USO as part of the Miss Universe Organization’s dedication to supporting their troops

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MISS UNIVERSE 2012 - The Final Results

Miss USA Olivia Culpo was crowned Miss Universe 2012 on December 19, 2012 in Las Vegas.


Final results Contestant
Miss Universe 2012
1st runner-up
  •  Philippines - Janine Tugonon
2nd runner-up
  •  Venezuela - Irene Esser
3rd runner-up
  •  Australia - Renae Ayris
4th runner-up
  •  Brazil - Gabriela Markus

Top 10
  •  Australia - Renae Ayris
  •  Russia - Elizabeth Golovanova
  •  Brazil - Gabriela Markus
  •  Philippines - Janine Tugonon
  •  Venezuela - Irene Esser

  •  France - Marie Payet
  •  USA - Olivia Culpo
  •  Hungary - Agnes Konkoly
  •  South Africa - Melinda Bam
  •  Mexico - Karina González
Top 16
  •  Turkey - Çağıl Özge Özkul
  •  Peru - Nicole Faverón
  •  Poland - Marcelina Zawadzka
  •  Croatia - Elizabeta Burg
  •  Kosovo - Diana Avdiu
  •  India - Shilpa Singh

Special awards

Miss Congeniality 
 Guatemala - Laura Godoy
Miss Photogenic
 Kosovo - Diana Avdiu
Best National Costume
 China - Ji Dan Xu

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