Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shani Hazan from Kiryat Ata was crowned Miss Israel 2012

Road to Miss Universe 2012

The Miss Israel 2012 pageant took place on Wednesday, March 7th, in the city of Haifa; and the winner (Israel Queen of Beauty) is Shani Hazan (photo, right), from Kiryat Ata. She is 19 years old, 1.82 m-tall, and will now get prepared to represent Israel in the Miss World 2012, competition to be held in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China.

The new Miss Israel is a high school graduate who wants to study Business Administration. She’s currently serving in the Navy as a systems’ operator. Hazan has been a vegetarian since de age of 12.

Israel’s Maiden of Beauty (1st runner-up) was Lina Machola, a model from Haifa whose parents are a Christian Arab from Kfar Yasif and a Russian. She will represent Israel in Miss Universe 2012, in December. Machola is 18, 1.78 m tall, and lives in Haifa.

The other finalists were May Yoshia (Israel’s Queen of Grace), Noy Abner (Israel’s Teen Queen), and Suf Azulai.

Shani Hazan from Kiryat Ata was crowned Miss Israel 2012 on March 7th 2012at the Haifa International Convention Center in Haifa. She is 19 year old and stands 1.82m. Shani Hazanwas will represent Israel in Miss World 2012 Pageant this August in Ordos, Inner Mongolia.

The first runner-up is Lina Machola from Haifa. She is 18 year old and stands 1.78m. Lina Machola will represent Israel in Miss Universe 2012 Pageant.

Lina: 2nd place and on to Miss Universe

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