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Miss Kazakhstan World 2011, Zhanna Zhumaliyev

Road to Miss World 2011

More photos of Miss Kazakhstan 2010 Zhanna Zhumaliyeva. She was crowned at Almaty on September 19th, 2010. Zhanna Zhumaliyeva of Uralsk is 23 year old and stands 1.79 m tall. She will represent her country in Miss World 2011 pageant.

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More photos of Miss Arizona USA 2011 Brittany Brannon

Road to Miss USA 2011

More photos of Miss Arizona USA 2011 Brittany Brannon

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More Photos of Madhina Nur Muthia, Miss Indonesia 2011 Contestant

Road to Miss Indonesia World 2011

Madhina Nur Muthia is a contestant of Miss Indonesia 2011. She is a beauty pageant from Kalimantan Tengah. Madhina is 17 year-old and stands 1.65 m tall. She will compete in the final in Miss Indonesia 2011 to be held on 3 Jun 2011 at the Central Park Ballroom in West Jakarta.

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The Finale of Miss Indonesia 2011 will be held on 3 Jun 2011

Approximately 33 finalists who represent the provinces in Indonesia will compete for the crown of Miss Indonesia 2011 on 3 June at the Central Park Ballroom in West Jakarta. To 33 beautiful women is a filter of the audition event in many cities like Yogyakarta, Denpasar, Surabaya, Bandung, Medan, Manado, Makassar and Jakarta some time ago.

The 33 finalists are:

Afina Dewi Maraya (Kalimantan Timur)
Alyssa Anjani Akilie (Gorontalo)
Amanda Roberta Z (Papua Barat)
Ananti Trisa Putri (Sulawesi Tenggara)
Aprillya Elshaviona (Kalimantan Selatan)
Astari Aslam (Kepulauan Riau)
Asti Lukita Wardani (Jawa Tengah)
Astrid Ellena I.Y (Jawa Timur)
Dikna Faradina Maharani (NTT)
Eviliana (Bangka Belitung)
Farasta Der Noesoer (Sulawesi Barat )
Fatya Ginanjarsari (DKI Jakarta)
Gadis Chairunnisa (Sulawesi Selatan)
Ingrid Beatrix S (Maluku)
Johanna Sharon C (Papua)
Kayla Natalia Haman (Kalimantan Barat)
Lidia Stephanie Thendeano (Sulawesi Utara)
Liza Lestari Ginting (Sumatera Utara)
Madhina Nur Muthia (Kalimantan Tengah)
Maya Alia (Sumatera Selatan)
Mellyza Shavira (NAD)
Merah Putri (DI Yogyakarta)
Mira Damayanti (Lampung)
Nadya Siddiqa (Banten)
Nety Riana Sari SN (Jambi)
Ni Made Aripiasari (NTB)
Nita Sofiani (Jawa Barat)
Nurul Chintya Irada (Riau)
Putu Tri Bulan Utami (Bali)
Risky Cyndy Yunita R (Maluku Utara)
Veny Desi Arti (Bengkulu)
Wira Wiguna (Sumatera Barat)
Yohana Yeremia O (Sulawesi Tengah)

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: Ananti Trisa Putri
: July 23, 1988
: 22 Years
: 168 cm
: 54 Kg
​​: Indonesian, English
In addition to meeting the criteria MISS, according Puput, the youngest of 3 brothers who were educated as a doctor, says that a healthy spirit, mind and taste are the requirements to become Miss Indonesia are ideal. One of the social programs that will he do if she was elected Miss Indonesia is to improve the mental and moral as well as raise a young generation of clean and healthy living. For Puput in running a very successful process requires, therefore she always appreciates a "process". Similarly, in the selection of Miss Indonesia this is a process for success

MISS INDONESIA 2011 CONTESTANT - Liza Lestari Ginting

: Liza Lestari Ginting
: July 17, 1989
: 21 Years
: 166 cm
: 49 Kg
: English
The girl's full name is Liza Lestari Ginting, born on July 17, 21 years ago. Student majoring in English Literature Islamic University of North Sumatra has had talent modeling since childhood. Myriad accomplishments in the modeling world ever achieved. Liza, so familiar greeting, wish to run several programs of humanitarian and cultural programs to promote Indonesian society if elected would become Miss Indonesia.This meatball lover girl, promised to give the best during the election of Miss Indonesia 2011.


: Maya Alia
: June 11, 1992
: 18 Years
: 176 cm
: 64 Kg
​​: Indonesian, English
Maya always tries to be the best in the hope of parental pride, family and friends. "Always be herself and thanks to God" is a motto that always strengthens itself in the life she lived. Maya has some plans if she became Miss Indonesia. One of them is to create jobs for the unemployed, street singers and the poor. Palembang bloody girl who was born on June 11, 1992 is hoping to inspire many people through his ideals for the dedication in the field of social and humanitarian.

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