Thursday, October 11, 2012

Maram Zaki al-Saif was crowned Saudi Miss Congeniality 2012

Maram Zaki al-Saif was crowned Saudi Miss Congeniality 2012, a rare beauty pageant held in Saudi Arabia in which the winner isn’t crowned based on her physical beauty or talent but on her “ethics”. Fatema Abdel Jaleel Al Abad, 17, from the Saudi region of Al-Ahsa was the first runner-up while Fatema Saeed Al Baik, 23, from Al Qatif was the second runner-up.

Maram Zaki al-Saif was crowned Saudi Miss Congeniality 2012. (Photo courtesy: Sharq newspaper)

Under the theme “my ethics, my identity”, the third annual beauty pageant was held Monday at the grand King Abdullah Ballroom in the Eastern province of Qatif. Maram Zaki al-Saif, from Tarout, beat 284 contestants aged 16-24, to be the overal winner. In addition to the Miss Congeniality 2012 tittle, the winner was also chosen as the new Saudi “Queen of Ethics”. The winner also received an award worth approximately 3000 USD.

Maram Zaki al-Saif (C) and her runners-up

According to Khadra’a Al Mubarak, the executive director of the Pageant, in addition to a contestant’s ethics and good behaviour, their charisma and theatrical performance, confidence and literacy have been taken into account for choosing the winners.
All five finalists had to answer two main questions: What will the title add to you if you were qualified? What will you add to the title in return?
Speaking to the press after winning the titele, Al Saif said the tittle will encourage her to achieve her ambitions and goals, along with inspiring her compatriots to believe in their ability to form a change in the society as a whole. She also reveals her plan to set-up a vocational rehabilitation project for people with special needs that would help them find suitable job opportunities.

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