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MISS MEXICO WORLD 2012 - Mariana Berumen

Birth Name:Mariana Berumen
Birth Date:October 30, 1991 (age 20)
Birth Place:León, Guanajuato, Mexico
Height:1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)
Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Brown
Title(s):Nuestra Belleza Guanajuato 2011, Nuestra Belleza Mundo México 2011
Major Competition(s):
Miss World 2012


Mariana Berumen Reynoso (born October 30, 1991) is a Mexican model and the 2011 Nuestra Belleza Mundo México titleholder.

A native of León, Guanajuato, Mariana Berumen was chosen to represent her country in the 62st Miss World pageant in 2012 during the 2011 edition of Nuestra Belleza México, held August 20, 2011 in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. The pageant was won by Aguascalientes's Karina González. Berumen was crowned Nuestra Belleza Mundo México by the outgoing titleholder Gabriela Palacio.



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MISS FRANCE WORLD 2012 - Laury Thilleman

Birth Name:Laury Thilleman
Birth Date:July 30, 1991 (age 20)
Birth Place:Brest, France
Height: 1.79 m (5 ft 10 1⁄2 in)[
Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Brown
Title(s):Miss France 2011
Major Competition(s):Miss France 2011
(Winner), Miss Universe 2011(Top 10),Miss World 2012


Laury Thilleman (born July 30, 1991) is a French beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss France 2011 on December 4, 2010. She made the top 10 at Miss Universe 2011.

Thilleman, who stands 1.79 m (5 ft 10 1⁄2 in) tall, competed as Miss Bretagne in her country's national beauty pageant, Miss France 2011, held in Caen, where she would become the eventual winner of the title, gaining the right to represent France in the 2011 Miss Universe.

Thilleman was France’s contestant in Miss Universe 2011 pageant held in Sao Paulo (Brazil) and ranked in top 10 (5rst runner up), her 2nd runner-up in Miss France pageant, Clémence Olesky (Miss Auvergne) will represent France into the Miss World pageant, which will be held in London. In a phone interview with the newspapers Première, she had been asked what she thought about the pageant winner (Leila Lopes, Miss Angola), she replied, “She was the only girl I didn’t know very well. We didn’t see her much; she was very discreet. She was often in jeans and not wearing makeup. We were all surprised by her win. Many girls made efforts that were not rewarded. I don’t know, something is missing in her temperament. The fact that the competition was held in Brazil surely played a role.” Because of this declaration, the Washington Post made an article considering her words as scandalous, “offering some nasty, sore loser, sour grapes, culturally imperious comments about Miss Angola”



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MISS UNIVERSE 2012 - National Level Contest, List of Contestants, Profiles, Biographies & The Final Results

Miss Universe 2012 will be the 61st Miss Universe pageant. Leila Lopes from Angola will crown her successor at the end of the event. The pageant will be broadcast live on NBC and simulcast on Telemundo and Xbox Live.

Miss Universe 2011, Leila Lopes

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The Biography of Miss Wyoming USA 2012, Holly Allen, Miss Wyoming USA 2012

Road to Miss USA 2012

Miss Wyoming USA 2012, Holly Allen, is stepping up her preparation for the upcoming Miss USA 2012 Pageant. She was the guest speaker at the Rotary Club of Lander’s regular weekly meeting Dec. 29.

Holly Allen, Miss Wyoming USA 2012, in a recent public appearance

Born and raised in Lander and an integral part of her family’s dude ranch in the Wind River Mountains, Holly said she had done it all, from guiding guests, teaching dudes how to ride horses and to fish, and being the ranch chef. She said being in the outdoors has always been a part of her life, and that is one message that she is taking to each school she visits during her reign. “It’s so important for kids to get outside and be active, and I’m promoting that during my year,” she told the Rotarians.

Participating in pageants since she was 16 and in high school, Holly was the first runner-up in the 2011 Miss Wyoming USA Pageant. “It was an honor, but I didn’t want to be second place, so I went back and this year I won the crown.”

Holly received a Business and Marketing degree from California State University-Chico where she was on the executive board of her charity. Allen said she took some time off during her college to travel around Australia, including a month-long solo backpacking trip down under.

Outside of her pageant activities, Holly recruits IT staff for major corporations nationwide.

The Miss USA Pageant is held each summer in Las Vegas. “It’s much more than the one night you see on TV,” Allen said. “We’re there for three weeks of interviews, tours and pageant activities.”

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Aileen Gabriella Robinson of Malaysia was crowned Miss Tourism International 2011.

The finale of Miss Tourism International 2011 was held at the Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, Malaysia on Saturday, December 31, 2011. Aileen Gabriella Robinson of Malaysia was crowned Miss Tourism International 2011.

Aileen Gabriella Robinson (C) of Malaysia was crowned Miss Tourism International 2011.

Aileen Gabriella Robinson from Kuala Lumpur is 22 year old and stands 1.73 m. She is the Assistant Principal in Shall We Dance Academy. She will represent Malaysia in Miss Universe 2012 Pageant.

Miss Tourism International 2011 final results:
Miss Tourism International 2011
Aileen Gabriella Robinson (Malaysia)

Miss Tourism Metropolitan International 2011
Carolina Del Carmen Brid Cerrud (Panama)

Miss Tourism Global 2011
Patsaraporn Khonkhamhaeng (Thailand)

Miss Cosmopolitan International 2011
Amanda Leong Li Ting (Singapore)

Dreamgirl of the Year International 2011
Jana Kopecka (Czech Republic)

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Miss Teen USA 2012 will be held in 2012. Miss Teen USA 2011, Danielle Doty of Texas Teen USA will crown her successor at the end of this event.

Miss Teen USA 2011, Danielle Doty

Miss Teen USA 2012 Contestants

* Miss Alaska Teen USA 2012 - Veronica Temple
* Miss Arizona Teen USA 2012 - Alexa Zellers
* Miss Colorado Teen USA 2012 - Jacqueline Zuccherino
* Miss Connecticut Teen USA 2012 - Logan West
* Miss Florida Teen USA 2012 - Gracie Simmons
* Miss Georgia Teen USA 2012 - Courtney Smits
* Miss Hawaii Teen USA 2012 - Kathryn Teruya
* Miss Idaho Teen USA 2012 - Kimberly Layne
* Miss Illinois Teen USA 2012 - Alexandra Plotz
* Miss Iowa Teen USA 2012 - Carissa Becker
* Miss Louisiana Teen USA 2012 - Marlee Henry
* Miss Maine Teen USA 2012 - Molly Fitzpatrick
* Miss Maryland Teen USA 2012 - Stephanie Chervenkov
* Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 2012 - Jordyn Jagolinzer
* Miss Michigan Teen USA 2012 - Courtney Pizzimenti
* Miss Mississippi Teen USA 2012 - Jessica Carter
* Miss Missori Teen USA 2012 - Jayde Ogle
* Miss Montana Teen USA 2012 - Danica Jansma
* Miss Nebraska Teen USA 2012 - Sarah Summers
* Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2012 - Kendall Barrett
* Miss New Mexico Teen USA 2012 - Jacqueline Cai
* Miss North Carolina Teen USA 2012 - Katherine Puryear
* Miss North Dakota Teen USA 2012 - Tiffany Fletschock
* Miss Ohio Teen USA 2012 - Kendall Fein
* Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2012 - Jessica Morgan
* Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 2012 - Livia Stencel
* Miss South Carolina Teen USA 2012 - Shannon Ford
* Miss South Dakota Teen USA 2012 - Kalani Jorgensen
* Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2012 - Shanese Brown
* Miss Utah Teen USA 2012 - Keilara McCormick
* Miss Vermont Teen USA 2012 - Karsen Woods
* Miss Virginia Teen USA 2012 - Elizabeth Coakley
* Miss Washington Teen USA 2012 - Alex Carlson-Helo
* Miss West Virginia Teen USA 2012 - Elizabeth Sabatino
* Miss Wisconsin Teen USA 2012 - Briana Joy Yamat
* Miss Wyoming Teen USA 2012 - Sydney Graus

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