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Miss USA 2000 - Lynnette Cole (Tennessee)

1st Runner Up - New Hampshire
Bridget Jane Vezina

2nd Runner Up - Alabama
Jina Mitchell

Miss USA 2001- Kandace Krueger (Texas)

1st Runner Up - DC
Liane Angus

2nd Runner Up - Georgia
Tiffany Fallon

Miss USA 2002 -Shauntay Hinton (D.C.)

1st Runner Up - Kansas
Lindsay Douglas
2nd Runner Up - Indiana
Kelly Lloyd
3rd Runner Up - Minnesota
Lanore Van Buren
4th Runner Up - Connecticut
Alita Hawaah Dawson

Miss USA 2003 -Susie Castillo (Massachusetts)

1st Runner Up - Alabama
Michelle Arnette
2nd Runner Up - Texas
Nicole O'Brian
3rd Runner Up - Michigan
Elisa Kathleen Schleef
4th Runner Up - Tennessee
Beth Hood

Miss USA 2004 -Shandi Finnessey (Missouri)

1st Runner Up - South Carolina
Amanda Pennekamp
2nd Runner Up - North Carolina
Ashley Puleo
3rd Runner Up - Oklahoma
Lindsey Hill
4th Runner Up - Tennessee
Stephanie Culberson

Miss USA 2005 -Chelsea Cooley (N. Carolina)

1st Runner Up - California
Brittany Hogan
2nd Runner Up - Kentucky
Kristen Lynn Johnson
3rd Runner Up - Illinois
Jill Gulseth
4th Runner Up - Florida
Melissa Witek

Miss USA 2006 -Tara Conner (Kentucky)

1st Runner Up - California
Tamiko Nash
2nd Runner Up - Georgia
Lisa Wilson
3rd Runner Up - Ohio
Stacy Offenberger
4th Runner Up - Florida
Cristin Duren

Miss USA 2007 -Rachel Smith (Tennessee)

1st Runner Up - Rhode Island
Danielle Lacourse
2nd Runner Up - Kansas
Cara Gorges
3rd Runner Up - California
Meagan Tandy
4th Runner Up - Nevada
Helen Salas

Miss USA 2008 -Crystle Stewart ((Texas)

1st Runner Up - Mississippi
Leah Laviano
2nd Runner Up - New Jersey
Tiffany Andrade
3rd Runner Up - Oklahoma
Lindsey Jo Harrington
4th Runner Up - Pennsylvania
LauRen Merola

Miss USA 2009 -Kristen Dalton

1st Runner Up - California
Carrie Prejean
2nd Runner Up - Arizona
Alicia-Monique Blanco
3rd Runner Up - Utah
Laura Kirilova Chikanov
4th Runner Up - Kentucky
Maria Elizabeth Montgomery

Miss USA 2010 - Rima Fakih (Michigan)

1st Runner Up - Oklahoma
Morgan Woolard
2nd Runner Up - Virginia
Samantha Casey
3rd Runner Up - Colorado
Jessica Hartman
4th Runner Up - Maine
Katie Whittier

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