Saturday, January 29, 2011

MISS UTAH TEEN USA 2011 - Maqael Knight

Name: Maqael Knight

Age: 17


Home Town: Salt Lake City, Utah

Previous Competition(s): None


From the Miss UT USA website:

Maqael Jean Knight, nicknamed Bella, is the 17 year old daughter of her single mom Tiffany Ann Knight and little brother Maisen. She is currently a senior at Judge Memorial Catholic High School and has attended Catholic school throughout her entire life.

"Beneath the make-up and behind a huge smile, I am just a girl who wishes for the world" - Marilyn Monroe. Words that Maqael Knight, Miss Utah Teen USA 2011 lives by. When not tucked away in her room, filled with Marilyn Monroe memorabilia, you can find Maqael on the soccer field as a Varsity forward for Judge Memorial Chatholic High School. She has been a force on the soccer field since the age of 6. Sports have always been a part of her life. In the off season of soccer, Maqael is a star athlete in Volleyball and Track, 100 yard dash & high jump. Maqael grew up in competitive sports, so the sport of pageantry was a natural progression for her. Even though she considers herself a "big jock" she still loves the glamorous side of being a girl. When her mom suggested she compete in Miss Utah Teen USA, she signed up the very next day! She was up for the challenge. Being raised in a single parent home with her younger brother, her mother instilled there was no dream too big, "If you can dream it, you can live it", always words her mother would remind her of.

"A crown is a microphone," Maqael said after her win. She is excited about bringing awareness to Bullying, which is very close to her heart. She will continue to serve many charities that she has already been actively involved in, Cleats for Africa, Ronald McDonald House, Christmas Box House and Primary Children's Medical Center. She has donated 100 hours of community service involvement every year for the past 4 years.

Maqael is also an honor role student and completed all of her high school credits by the end of her Junior year. She is now taking college prep courses in her Senior year. She hopes to get into the medical school of her choice, and become an anesthesiologist. She can't wait to have the opportunity to assist surgeons in all types of surgeries!

Maqael has no plans to treat the dream of becoming Miss Teen USA any different than the ones before it. She plans to put all of her passion, drive, and dedication into achieving this goal. With the support of her family and friends and the reminder from her mother that no dream is too big... she hopes to be the first girl to bring home the title of Miss Teen USA to Utah. After all, Marilyn Monroe said, "Give any girl the right pair of heels, and she can conquer the world."


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