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Profiles and Biographies of the Miss Suomi (Finland) 2011 Finalists

Profiles and Biographies of the Candidates:

1 Nina Mikkonen , Kuopio, Finland

22 years, 173 cm / 55 kg


Interests: lattaritanssi, running, gym, dog shows

Nina is the dominant maiden Savon, who has been dreaming of Miss Finland Cup-a little girl up. He is studying the commercial sector, and especially trying and management Savonia Sciences. In addition, he has performed at the Open University food science basic studies, and plans to study in the field even more.

2 Annie New Power , Nurmijärvi

24 years, 178 cm / 59 kg


Hobbies: Gym, running, inline skating and snowboarding in Finland

Anni says he is a man who always wants to make things a little differently than most. So he announced that the primary school after high school that wants to go Anna Tapion boarding school.

3 Linnea Aaltonen , Espoo, Finland

23 years, 169 cm / 50 kg


Hobbies: dancing, badminton, various gymnastic exercises

Landscape architecture is the third year in the Aalto University's student Linnea mentions of his life so far wildest tempuksi surprise representation of Miss Tourism International - Malesisassa beauty contests. Miss World contest, he also participated in the 2006 Miss Earth contest.

4 Iin Pyymäki , Lahti, Finland

23 years, 175 cm / 61 kg

Does not want to comment on the dating issue.

Hobbies: gym, jogging

Theft from iin to be moved into the Gulf of studies, followed by 2005. A few vuottta later, he graduated from a beautician, but now he works at the gym a live person. Pickings, he is also a model and public relations work.

5 Sara Sieppi , Oulu, Finland

19 years, 173 cm / 58 kg


Hobbies: gym, jogging

So far the biggest thing in my life has been moving a half years ago, the home town of Tornio, Oulu, Sara says, after thinking for a while.

The youngest of the race last spring is a student who spends the interim years of working as a seller.

6 Rita Aalto Lahti , Turku

23 years, 170 cm / 51 kg


Interests: fashion design, fitness, knitting, cooking

Rita Aalto Lahti was Miss Finland-finals in 2006.

- I was very shy. Now I've got a lot of courage and developed ulosantiani and sanavalmiuttani. Experience brings certainty, "he says.

7 Niina Lavonen , Pori

22 years, 175 cm / 56 kg


Hobbies: Gym, swimming, jogging, boating, berry picking

Business economics student power Niina Lavoselta found enthusiastic supporters of the family ranks.

- I have two older brothers and a twin brother. They all have encouraged quite that much, he says happily.

8 Ennileena Siitonen , Vantaa

21 years, 175 cm / 57 kg


Hobbies: horse riding, aerobics, gym, singing

Hairdresser working Ennileena Siitonen lives in Vantaa, mother and brother. Diary Ennileena to keep the men alive who have personality and twinkle in his eye.

- Personality is important yes. But I do not inject a bad idea if the man is a rock-style. It appeals to me.

Strong puolikseen Ennileena mentions a real person, and ilmeikkyyden reippauden.

9 Helena Riihimäki Tupa , Nokia

20 years, 168 cm / 55 kg


Interests: sports in various forms, painting

Nokia, a resident of Helena Riihimäki Tupa moved away from their parents at an early age when he left high school in Turku. Last spring, she graduated and moved back home, where he also has two sisters.

- Now I can appreciate the fact that do not have to do everything yourself. Back home modification is oppressive, but on the contrary it is nice when you have company, he says.

Helena is currently spending a gap year, during which he has made a substitute teacher in elementary school.

10 Pia Pakarinen , Joensuu

20 years, 170 cm / 52 kg


Hobbies: Gym, hiking

Pia Pakarinen lives with her boyfriend. The couple has been dating for almost three years.

- I hope that relationship will take over the mission. Not too well the relationship is weighed, "he says.

Richard moved to break even in the age of 16, since the family lived off the beaten track so that, for example, creates friends had a long journey.

- It aikuistui quickly learned to fend for themselves.

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