Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Trinidad & Tobago to be considered the venue of Miss World 2011

Miss World 2011 in Trinidad & Tobago?

Sister Isle under consideration to host the 2011 International Miss World pageant.

Tobago is being considered as a possible venue for the 2011 international Miss World Pageant. Head of Miss World International Julia Moreley and the reigning title holder are now in Tobago. They are said to be assessing facilities on the island to see if they are good enough for hosting the popular pageant. Ms. Morley and her delegation will stay in Tobago until tomorrow and then travel to Trinidad for two days. Giselle La Ronde won the Miss World title for Trinidad and Tobago in 1986. There have been some close calls since. The reigning Miss World is from the United States. She is Alexandria Mills. She is among the delegation now in Tobago.

The reigning Miss Trinidad and Tobago-world is Davia Chambers who hails from Tobago.

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