Monday, February 21, 2011

Meet the Contestants of Mr. France 2011

This year the jury consists of Committee Chair MISTER FRANCE Rachel Quesney , to Astrid (Angels of Reality-TV), the Receiver Caroline (Secret Story and The Bluff House), Anthony Garcia , MISTER FRANCE 2010 and YOU !

A year after the election of Anthony Garcia, MISTER FRANCE 2010, the square Toata Tahiti, NRJ 12 suggest you follow the new election MISTER FRANCE . Initially, they were more than 3,000 contenders, young, beautiful and sexy from all regions of France. But in the end, only 10 of them were selected by the committee MISTER FRANCE to fly towards Miami and Mexico to "The Cruise of the Misters" !

For one week, they will live and grow together as the cameras NRJ 12 and jury of the Chairperson MISTER FRANCE , Rachel Quesney , charm and 2 assets: Astrid (Angels of reality TV) , Receiver and Caroline (Secret Story and The Bluff House).

7 days to reveal their personality, motivation, style, generosity and prove that being MISTER FRANCE , it is not only a physical! A week during which they will share a unique and unforgettable experience, the program: dance lessons, fashion shows, photo shoots, interviews, physical tests, but also seduction, which has everything to become the new ambassador of France?

But what they do not know is that this year the rules have changed! Each day, one candidate will be eliminated from the cruise. Only 5 of them will advance to the finals broadcast live on NRJ 12 and presented by Clara Morgane. The 5 finalists met in the studio in Paris, will then be put before the jury joined by Anthony Garcia, MISTER FRANCE 2010 and also to the public.

So who will live up to its ambitions? Who will manage to withstand the pressure of competition and daily eliminations? Who has the most charisma to be the handsomest man in France? Who finally won the favor of the jury and the public?

Over 3000 contestants applied, but only 10 finalists will participate in the finals of Mister France 2011, which will happen on February 24.

Who will be Mister France 2011??

Meet the contestants of 10 finalists:

Valentin LUCAS
Limousin region
22 years
licensed STAPS

Sebastian BUCHER
Region Alsace
24, account manager

Region Picardie
25 years seller

Lionel Funders
Region Anvergne
Age 26, educator
and sports coach

Olivier Charpentier
28 years, promoter of events
and business manager

Jean-Philippe COST
Dauphiné Alps region
27 years, physical trainer

Anthony DEFREL
Martinique Region
28-year Diploma in Sales

Region Haute-Normandie
35, Engineering Technology Research

Rudolph MONDON
Burgundy Region
26 years, BTS commercial actions

Christian Ansell
Brittany Region
28, PE teacher

Special thanks and credits to www.misterfrance.frglobalbeauties


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