Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I graduated from Kings College London with a degree in geography and politics. As part of my degree I travelled to the backwaters of India and researched how the villagers lived sustainably. It was a truly great experience. I thoroughly enjoy travelling and learning about differing cultures that make up our world today. Another big passion of mine is cooking and so at the age of 22 I made use of my entrepreneurial skills to launch a well-known cupcake shop. It is with drive and determination and a love of meeting new people that has allowed it to be successful for the past three years!! Currently, I'm in the midst of writing my own cookbook! My interests include perfecting my French speaking skills, keeping up to date with world political issues, practicing bikram yoga and kayaking in the Caribbean! In the future my career ambition is to be a successful communicator and positively help others. From a young age, integrity, compassion and caring for others are family values that have been instilled in me. I consider myself to be a friendly, hard working and a confident women, and it is with this mind set that I have decided to take part in miss universe GB. I believe I have the capacity and innate desire to do more in helping others and over the next few months I look forward to raising money for The Joshua foundation and helping those young terminally ill children

Special thanks and credits to www.missuniversegb.co.uk


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