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MISS HONG KONG PAGEANT 2011 FINAL RESULT - Rebecca Zhu is the winner

Road to Miss World 2011

Ballet dancer Rebecca Zhu walked off with this year’s Miss Hong Kong title, beating 13 other contestants. Hyman Chu, 23, a program host in Canada, and Whitney Hui, 22, a student from Britain who also won the most photogenic award, were named first and second runners-up, respectively.

The 1.68-meter Zhu, who’s also 23, moved to Hong Kong just over seven years ago from Suzhou. She became one of the early favorites after winning a photographic competition early last month when the finalists were filming in Panyu, Guangzhou.

Rebecca will compete in the 2011 Miss World pageant in London, UK, next November.

Special thanks and credits to GlobalBeauties

Rebecca Zhu Crowned Miss Hong Kong 2011. Rebecca is 23 year old and stands 5’6”. She will represent Hong Kong China in Miss World 2011 and Miss Chinese International 2011 Pageant. The first runner-up was Hyman Chu. The second runner-up was Whitney Hui. Miss International Goodwill is Nicole Leung. Whitney Hui also won the Miss Photogenic Award.

MISS HONG KONG 2011 - Rebecca Zhu

Miss Hong Kong 2011 - Rebecca Zhu

Miss Hong Kong 2011 - Rebecca Zhu

Miss Hong Kong 2011 1st Runner-up - Hyman Chu

Miss Hong Kong 2011 2nd Runner-up - Whitney Hui

最后八强 TOP 8

1. 朱晨丽 Rebecca
2. 朱希敏 Hyman
3. 许亦妮 Whitney
4. 麦美恩 Mayanne
5. 梁丽翘 Nicole
6. 甄敏婷 Janey Yan
7. 林慧倩 Giselle
8. 胡中慧 Sandy Wu

其它大奖 Other Awards

最受欢迎大奖 Most Favourite Award:朱晨丽 Rebecca

最佳时尚奖 Most Fashionable Award: 朱晨丽 Rebecca

旅游大使奖Tourism Ambassador: 梁丽翘 Nicole

欢乐大使奖: 朱晨丽 Rebecca

国际亲善小姐 Miss International Goodwill Award: 梁丽翘 Nicole

最上镜小姐奖 MissPhotogenic: 许亦妮 Whitney

2011 香港小姐冠军 Miss Hong Kong 2011: 朱晨丽 Rebecca

2011 香港小姐亚军 Miss Hong Kong 1st Runner-up:朱希敏 Hyman

2011 香港小姐季军Miss Hong Kong 2nd Runner-up: 许亦妮 Whitney

2011 香港小姐殿军Miss Hong Kong 3rd Runner-up:麦美恩 Mayanne

Special thanks and credits to TVB Hong Kong & beautypageantnews


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