Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Agnieszka Miszkiewicz, Miss Poland, is the winner Miss Bikini International 2011

Miss Poland, Agnieszka Miszkiewicz, was the winner of Miss Bikini International 2011, eding out other 69 candidates in the event held in China.

Miss Poland, Agnieszka Miszkiewicz (C), was crowned Miss Bikini International 2011

Miss Peru was the 1st runner-up, while Miss Ukbekistan was the 2nd runner-up.

Completing the ‘top 7′ were the representatives of Australia (Miss Spring), Latvia (Miss Summer), China (Miss Fall), and Russia (Miss Winter).

The remaining ‘top 12′ semi-finalists were Misses Croatia, Ecuador, Philippines, Italy, and Indonesia.

Special thanks and credits to GlobalBeauties


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