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The Profiles & Biographies of Miss World China 2011 Finalists

Below are the profiles and biographies of the 14 among 34 Miss World China 2011 Finalists.

1. Chen Shuyi (陈舒怡)

Chen Shuyi (陈舒怡) of Zhejiang, Scorpio, 170cm. Hobbies/Strengths: Presenting, performing, dance. School: Central Academy of Drama. Statement: I hope the people around me can share my joy, and that the light of joy shines on everyone!

2.Li Tong (李桐)

Li Tong (李桐) of Jiangsu, Scorpio, 175cm. Hobbies/Strengths: Dance, Reading, performing, exercise. Xi’an Physical Education University, Class of ’13. Statement: Show me fashion styles, show me the charm of self-confidence.

3. Feng Hao (冯昊)

Feng Hao (冯昊) of Liaoning, Pisces, 180cm. Hobbies/Strenghts: Harp, piano, oil painting, Taekwondo, ballet. School: University of Missouri, Class of ’14. Statement: I have two hands. One hand is for helping others, the other is for helping myself.

4.Liu Xiao (刘潇)

Liu Xiao (刘潇) of Shaanxi, Capricorn, 177cm. Hobbies/Strengths: Chinese history, painting, reading, singing. School: Shaanxi Normal University. Statement: When every experience makes you experienced, there’s growth and transformation on the stage.

5.Pei Yao (裴瑶)

Pei Yao (裴瑶) of Jilin, Virgo, 174cm. Hobbies/Skills: Singing, dancing. School: Changchun Art School. Statement: Beauty is an attitude, please let me have a stage to perform on.

6.Qiao Lu (乔露)

Qiao Lu (乔露) of Gansu, Scorpio, 178cm. Hobbies/Strengths: Singing, reading. School: South China University of Technology, Class of ’13. Statement: Beauty needs precipitation.

7.Wang Shan (王珊)

Wang Shan (王珊) of Hebei, Pisces, 173cm. Hobbies/Strengths: Music, playing instruments, traveling, exercise. School: Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts. Statement: With youth and vitality, I’ll write myself the most brilliant memories.

8.Xiao Lin (肖林)

Xiao Lin (肖林) of Shandong, Gemini, 180cm. Hobbies/Strengths: Singing, dancing. painting, zither. School: Donghua University. Statement: Sowing in tears will definitely reap the harvest of smiles.

9.Ye Zijin (叶子金)

Ye Zijin (叶子金) of Hebei, Sagittarius, 178cm. Hobbies/Strengths: Music, art, writing. School: Beijing Nationality University. Statement: Smiling is always the most beautiful symbol.

10.Yu Weiwei (余薇薇)

Yu Weiwei (余薇薇) of Shaanxi, Libra, 177cm. Hobbies/Strengths: Art, music, ocarina, piano, ethnic minority-style singing, operatic singing, drums, calligraphy, runway modeling. School: Xi’an University of Arts and Science. Statement: There’s only the unthinkable, nothing is undoable.

11.Zhao Jiabao (赵佳宝)

Zhao Jiabao (赵佳宝) of Liaoning, Taurus, 175cm. Hobbies/Strengths: Dance, performing in TV/Movies. Tianjin Polytechnic University. Statement: With a dream of happiness, with sincere love, accepting the responsibility of beauty, from the Miss World pageant stage, achieving the great love of beauty.

12.Zheng Huiying (郑慧莹)

Zheng Huiying (郑慧莹) of Jiangsu, Sagittarius, 176cm. Hobbies/Strengths: Bian lian, dance, music, walking the runway. Jiangsu Modeling Art School. Statement: Use beauty to spread your love, use love to brighten the world.

13.Zheng Xinru (郑心茹)

Zheng Xinru (郑心茹) of Heilongjiang, Taurus, 175cm. Hobbies/Strengths: Music. School: Tianjin Polytechnic University. Statement: With an ordinary pace, the great journey can still be completed.

14.Zhu Xingjie (朱幸捷)

Zhu Xingjie (朱幸捷) of Guangdong, Virgo, 183cm. Hobbies/Strengths: Singing, dancing, painting. School: Zhaoqing University. Statement: Let happiness move the world.

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