Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mofya Chisenga, the 4th runner-up in Miss Tourism Queen 2005, passed away

Mofya Chisenga, who has represented Zambia at many renowned pageant recently Miss Leisure world 2008 has died. Accordingly to sources reaching UKZAMBIANS, Mofya died on Friday after giving birth.

Mofya, 28 years old, was born in Mufulira, Zambia. She lost her parents at a tender age, and said she had huge responsibilities of being the first born child looking after her siblings.

Mofya at one time said:

“I had to grow up fast and the experiences helped me develop into the young lady I am today”.

Mofya also represend Zambia at Tourism Queen International Pageant 2005 in China and the Miss Universe in Los Angeles California.

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