Friday, December 30, 2011

MISS TEEN USA 2012 CONTESTANT - Alexandria (Alex) Carlson-Helo (Washington)

Alexandria (Alex) Carlson-Helo
Everett, Washington
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Alex grew up in Mill Creek, WA enjoying the small town life and beautiful nature right outside of her front door. She has been privileged to travel this country through dance opportunities, and has always looked forward to returning to Washington where it's green and the air is fresh. She enjoys her family cabin and fishing with her Dad, up for any outdoor adventure. Learning to snowboard at an early age, Alex is fearless on the slopes and no hill is too big to conquer.

This passion has also shown in her dance. Ballet classes started at the tender age of eighteen months. Alex performed her first dance recital while still in diapers! As a trained dancer in ballet, jazz, tap, break dancing and hip hop, she grew up performing on stage. She has enjoyed dancing with many local groups including Turning Pointe, Breaking Point, Phyzikal Graffi-t, and the Seattle Storm Dance Troupe. Over the years, Alex has received numerous scholarships at many prestigious dance competitions and has traveled to New York, Florida, Vegas and Arizona to name a few. She has been on ESPN and done a music video. At 13, Alex became a professional dancer. She will enthusiastically agree that dancing with the Seattle Storm for three years has been the highlight of her dance career. The thrill of performing in front of 11,000 fans is pure adrenaline. Alex now returns every year to be a guest choreographer for the Storm team and volunteers her time.

A senior at Jackson High School, Alex is a third year returning varsity cheerleader. She is a baser for the cheer squad and is passionate with her school spirit. She is a member of Jackson's prestigious Drum Line and Percussion Ensemble. As the ASB Executive Board Treasurer, Alex is devoted to making every student's experience at Jackson memorable. She was recently nominated for Homecoming Queen and the Senior Awards: Most Likely to Help Someone, Most Spirited, Most Instrumental and Most Athletic.

Alex's greatest passion is mentoring other teens and advocating building self confidence. Using her strengths from a middle school incident, she developed a website and blog to reach out to help other teens with harassment issues. Nofearjustfriends provides advice and shares personal experiences for other teens. Alex's lengthy volunteerism has focused on Special Needs organizations and the promotion of ending the use of the "R" word. She volunteers as a counselor during her summers at Camp Patterson, a Special Needs camp. She is currently working with the local Special Olympics and forming a Special Needs Cheer Squad. Her friendships with Special Needs kids at school are extremely rewarding and cherished. She plans to major in Special Needs Education and return to Jackson High School to devote her career to teaching and helping Special Needs teens thrive in high school. When Alex has free time, she enjoys shopping and watching movies at theaters. Her favorite TV shows are "Glee" and "Law & Order" marathons. She is an avid sports fan and loves to go to Mariner's games. As busy as Alex is, she always takes time to play with her dogs and spend time with her best friend and sister, Britney. Her "never give up" attitude shines through and her determination to use every opportunity to further her passions is apparent in everything she does.

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