Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bb. Pilipinas 2012 will be held on April 15

It is now official: Bb. Pilipinas, the most traditional beauty pageant in the Philippines, will crown one of its 3 winners as the Philippines’ official representative in Miss Tourism Queen. The best ranked winner will compete in Miss Universe, 2nd place will go to Miss International, and 3rd place will represent the Philippines in Miss Tourism Queen, in China.

Justine: MTQI 2006.

It represents a major stepping stone for Miss Tourism Queen in the Philippines, a country which already has a winner in this prestigious international pageant (Justine Gabionza, 2006).

The Bb. Pilipinas’ finals will happen on April 15, and you can already meet the 30 candidates who will be competing for 3 of the 4 main beauty crowns in the country (in addition to the above mentioned titles, there’s also Miss World Philippines, which now happens in an independent pageant).

Other Grand Slam Filipino candidates

The Philippines’ candidate in Miss Earth, is chosen in the Miss Earth Philippines beauty contest, while there’s also Miss Supranational Philippines, with its first edition having taken place last year.

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