Sunday, April 29, 2012

20 finalists of Miss World Denmark 2012

Road to Miss World Denmark 2012

Miss & Mister of Denmark Organization has just finished the process of selecting 20 finalists for the finale of Miss World Denmark 2012 Pageant. The list of 20 finalists are now up on They are: Anna Helena Ejdesgaard, Anne Louise Madsen, Arbenita Ferizi, Bintu Sonko, Cecilie Arvidsen, Christina Brix Husum, Cira Beenfeldt, Emma Nødebo Ørum, Fie Joy Abildskov, Iris Thomsen, Laura Mogensen, Louise Rude Christensen, Maria Christiane Hamann, Michelle Sabine Jensen, Monica Isabella Hartig, Nadia Nyborg, Pil Nyrop Skøtt, Sandra Rud Gaasedal, Simone Vistoft, Sofie Gosmand Jensen.

The finale will be held at the Kokkedal Castle in Hørsholm on May 18, 2012. Reigning Miss World Denmark 2011, Maya Celeste Padillo Olesen, will crown her successor at the end of the event. The winner will get the chance to represent Denmark in Miss World 2012 Pageant in China on August 18, 2012. The pageant will feature an exclusive red carpet event with special guests, a charity auction, a fashion show and entertainment. The 20 finalists will compete in casual wear, sports wear, bikini and evening gown. The pageant is organized by Lisa Lents, director of the Miss and Mister of Denmark Organization.

Courtesy of Miss & Mister of Denmark Organization.

Anna Helena Ejdesgaard

Cira Beenfeldt

Emma Nødebo Ørum

Iris Thomsen

Monica Isabella Hartig

Nadia Nyborg

Bintu Sonko

Anne Louise Madsen

Fie Joy Abildskov

Michelle Sabine Jensen

 Christina Brix Husum

Simone Vistoft

Arbenita Ferizi

Cecilie Arvidsen

Maria Christane Hamann

Pil Nyrop Skøtt

Laura Mogensen

Louise Rude Christensen

Sandra Rud Gaasedal

Sofie Gosmand Jensen

Special thanks and credits to Mister & Miss Denmark 2012


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