Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mister Santa Catarina 2011 - Ralph Santos

Mister Santa Catarina 2011

Ralph Santos, 27, 1.85 m, is the Mister Santa Catarina 2010. Although currently residing in Brasilia, Ralph spent most of his life in Santa Catarina state will represent Brazil in the 2011 Mister.

If one part of the Santa Catarina humble origins has always dreamed of a modeling career, only now can invest in this project since early age had to battle to ensure a good standard of living for himself and his family. He has worked in the trade as a seller of gas, and since 2008 working as a congressional aide in Washington.

He graduated in Business Administration.

But never forget that the state so well received and is proud to represent: "Whenever I'm in Floripa or other cities of Santa Catarina, a state that lives in my heart," says.

Participate Mister Brazil means the realization of a dream for Ralf: "I dream you dream alone is only a dream. But that dream you dream together, always turns reality, many people embarked on this project with me and supports me unconditionally," says the most beautiful man in Santa Catarina.

He will compete for the title of Mister Brazil 2011, between January and May 8 at the Hotel do Frade, Angra dos Reis.

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