Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Name: Blerta Mahmuti

Age: 22 | Height: 6’1″ | Ottawa, ON

Blerta Mahmuti was born in Peja, Kosovo and fled from her native home in 1999 due to the Kosovo War. Arriving to Ottawa, Canada with her parents and two brothers—Blerta quickly took advantage of the resources available to her in her new home.

She is currently completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies and Biology at Carleton University while working for MBNA Bank of America. Upon completion of her studies, Blerta seeks to work in policy-settings that advocate for the sustainable use of the earth’s resources, and implement efficient environmental legislation.

In addition to full-time studies and employment, Blerta is also a trained pianist and holds a certificate from the Royal Conservatory of Music of Canada. Moreover, having faced hardship during the war in Kosovo, Blerta recognizes the significance of giving and helping others which is reflected through her continued sponsorship through World Vision of a young girl in Honduras.

Throughout her endeavours, Blerta is supported by her loving family and friends who she devotes a significant amount of time to. Blerta’s hobbies include photography, hot yoga, working out and outdoor sports.

Since her childhood, Blerta’s passion for fashion and trends has influenced her artistic expression through her music, modeling and personal projects involving interior design. Influenced by both European and North American art, Blerta’s diverse appetite for creativity naturally led her to be a part of various fashion events including Ottawa Fashion Week.

By competing for Miss Universe Canada pageant, Blerta will be able to apply her love for art and fashion while acting as an ambassador to Canada. She will make a meaningful contribution to the competition by bringing determination, success and poise.

Sponsored by: Family and Friends

Languages spoken fluently (please include your native language if English is not your native language)
I’m fluent in Albanian(Shqip) and English.

Special thanks and credits to www.beautiesofcanada.com/muc


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