Friday, May 6, 2011


Name: Sadhna Yunus

Age: 25 | Height: 5’7″ | Toronto, ON

Sadhna was born in Guyana and moved to Canada at the age of 17. At Toronto’s storied Winston Churchill Collegiate she was a member of the Honour Society and actively involved in school life.

She is also proud graduate of Toronto’s Centennial College Advance Diploma in Business Administration program.

Sadhna plans to continue her education leading to Teacher’s College, her career goal is to become an elementary school teacher where she can utilize her knowledge of business and society to benefit the community at its most impressionable stage – that is children in their early years.

In keeping with her commitment to children, she is a Salvation Army volunteer and contributes to SOS Children Villages.

Sadhna loves Toronto’s diverse culture, cosmopolitan society where she makes it her joy to interface with and learn about the many cultures of the world.

She believes that as we learn about others, we learn more about ourselves and think that people must take full responsibility for their decisions and actions.

Her best attributes are her outgoing personality, kindness, and passion for life. Her interests include: traveling, modeling, dancing, reading and spending time with loved ones. Her advice is to always value your individuality and to remain true to the qualities that make you who you are.

Sponsored by: Family and Friends

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