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Miss Humanity International 2011 Contestant - Miss Philippines, Czarina Gatbonton

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Country: Republic of the Philippines
Age: 20 years
Height: 172.70 cm
Occupation: Student
Horoscope: Scorpio


Success is not only about doing the things you think you can do but rather doing the things people believe that you can accomplish.

Travelling, Playing Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Swimming, Wakeboarding, Ziplining


Poverty oftentimes is perceived as a weakness and a disadvantage but in the case of this nutmeg colored beauty who was born and raised in a small fishing island community in the historical province of Bulacan, north of the Philippines, it has turned out to be her strength and power. Growing up knowing the meaning of hardship which means at times not having enough food to go around the table, taking a thirty minute motorboat ride daily to school that gets worst during rainy days, when she would go to her classrooms in a drenched school uniform, forced to sleep over at a friend’s house when she would miss the last boat trip back to the island and wear the same clothes to school the next day, it’s amazing how this Filipina beauty managed to remain optimistic and cheerful.

Czarina Catherine Gatbonton may not have been born with a silver spoon on the table, but she is indeed destined to be a Beauty Queen. Czarina’s fate started to dawn on her when she was proclaimed Bb. Pilipinas World 2010 (Miss Philippines World) which earned her the right to represent the country in the Miss World pageant in China last year. Though her victory that night came as a big surprise to many people who expected the highly-favored fair-skinned, highly-educated candidates from affluent families to win, Czarina with her naturally endearing personality, a set of dazzling pearly whites, charm, and a perfect sweet infectious smile that can take away one’s breath eventually won their hearts over. So amidst the strain on the relations between China and the Philippines that time, she bravely went on and even became closest to the Chinese delegate and ranked second favored to win the crown in a local Chinese poll.

For this twenty year old epitome of a true Filipina beauty, success is not always about doing the things you think you can do but rather doing the things people say you can’t do. She takes pride being able to fulfill a promise she made to her fisherman father and a social worker mother to send her younger brother to school as her passion and dedication towards helping children and young women continues. During her free time, she helps her mother teach young children in the island’s Day Care Center, regularly volunteers for various socio-civic organizations such as “The Child House Foundation” and graciously give free trainings to young Filipina women who dream of becoming a beauty queen.

Her quest for the Miss Humanity International crown is a quest not for herself and family, but for the thousands and millions of people she can possibly help working with the Miss Humanity family, World Health Organization, UNICEF and various foundations and institutions in the Philippines and abroad.

Humanitarian Advocacy:

Children Rights20

The future of humanity belongs to the young children of the world. Thus Czarina wants to involve in various programs and projects that espouses Children Rights as enshrined in the United Nations Convention on The Rights of the Child (UN CRC). Given the chance, she would like to focus on programs that promote the four Basic Rights of the child which is Survival, Protection, Development and Participation.

Born out of poverty, Czarina herself had endured the hardship and misery that most of the less fortunate children of the world have been experiencing today. But with sheer determination, hard work, perseverance, faith and help of other people who believed in her, she was able to rise from apathy and misery and emerged victorious.

Her life story is truly an inspiration to other young people that anything is possible and that dreams really come true. A true Beauty Queen dedicated to good cause for humanity, Czarina is now an active volunteer of Child Hauz, an organization that attends to the needs of children afflicted with cancer. She is now currently forging Networks and Coordination to local NGO's with worldwide affiliations to further strengthen her advocacy on Children's Rights and Development as she continues

Special thanks and credits to misshumanityinternational


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