Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Daiani Lize dos Reis was crowned Miss Ilha dos Marinheiros 2013

Road to Miss World Brazil 2013

Alexsandra Padilha (Standout Beauty), Maria Lua (2nd runner-up), Juceila Bueno,
Diani Lize (Miss Ilha dos Marinheiros 2012), and Sancler (1st runner-up)

The new Miss Ilha dos Marinheiros, or Sailors’ Island, is Daiani Lize dos Reis, 22, 1.81 m-tall. She edged out 23 candidates who competed for the title at the Ecoland Resort, in Igrejinha. The runner-ups were Sancler Frantz and Maria Lua Streit. Alexsandra Padilha won the “Standout Beauty” special award.

Miss Ilha dos Marinheiros, Daiani Lize dos Reis

Sara Ramos: Miss Florianopolis Islands

Sara Ramos, a model from Penha, was crowned Miss World Ilhas de Florianópolis 2013. She competed with 14 other candidates and will now go on to represent the 365 beautiful islands of Florianópolis in Miss World Brazil 2013, at the Portobello Resort and Safari, in Rio de Janeiro, on September 22.

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