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MISS WORLD 2012 - The Final Results

Wen Xia Yu is Miss World 2012 winner

Wen Yu Xia or Wen Xia Yu has been crowned Miss World 2012 at the finale of the pageant held in China. Wen Xia Yu, from Harbin, is 23 years old and stands 1.77m. The first runner-up was Miss Wales Sophie Elizabeth Moulds and the second runner-up was Miss Australia Jessica Kahawaty.

Wen Xia Yu, Miss World 2012 winner, tells her bashers (translated from Mandarin): “You guys can bash me all you want, but I won fair and square and your girl did not. Get over it! Now let me eat my Kung Pao chicken and leave me alone!”

Wen Yu Xia is the second Chinese beauty to win the Miss World tittle. The first Chinese woman to win Miss World was Zhang Zilin, who was crowned in 2007 also in China. Coincidence, or fixed? You decide!


Miss World 2012: People’s Republic of China, Wenxia Yu
1st Runner-Up: Wales, Sophie Elizabeth Moulds
2nd Runner-Up: Australia, Jessica Kahawaty

*Top 7 Finalists*
Brazil, Mariana Notarângelo da Fonseca
India, Vanya Mishra
Jamaica, Deanna Robins
South Sudan, Atong Demach

*Top 15 Semi-Finalists*
England, Charlotte Holmes
Indonesia, Ines Putri Tjiptadi Chandra
Kenya, Shamim Nabil
Mexico, Mariana Berumen Reynoso
Netherlands, Nathalie Den Dekker
Philippines, Queenierich Rehman
Spain, Aránzazu Estévez Godoy
United States, Claudine Book

*Continental Queens of Beauty*
Africa: South Sudan, Atong Demach
Americas: Brazil, Mariana Notarângelo da Fonseca
Asia Pacific: People’s Republic of China, Wenxia Yu
Caribbean: Jamaica, Deanna Robins
Europe: Wales, Sophie Elizabeth Moulds

*Miss World 2012 Challenge Results*
Top Model: South Sudan, Atong Demach
Beach Fashion: Wales, Sophie Elizabeth Moulds
Multimedia: India, Vanya Mishra
Sports: Sweden, Sanna Jinnedal
Beauty with a Purpose: India, Vanya Mishra
Talent: People’s Republic of China, Wenxia Yu

*Miss World 2012 Preliminary Interview Results*
1. South Sudan, Atong Demach
2. Spain, Aránzazu Estevez Godoy
3. Wales, Sophie Elizabeth Moulds
4. Mexico, Mariana Berumen Reynoso
5. Brazil, Mariana Notarângelo da Fonseca

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